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Your Business. Your Clients. Your Money.

Run your own personal driving business from your phone. 

  • Dumpling Drive helps you grow your private driving business as an alternative to on demand apps, or pair it with driving for traditional rideshare platforms like Uber or Lyft. The Dumpling Drive beta program is now open to the public! 

  • Run your driving business your way. 
  • -Build your own clientele 
  • -Book scheduled rides 
  • -Keep 100% of your earnings!


dumpling for private driving subscription

  • Personalized, client facing app
  • Boss app to manage your private driving business
  • Secure payment processing
  • Direct deposit for earnings
  • App support


Your subscription of Dumpling Drive beta provides you with the tools you need to run your business.

📱 A Personalized App For Your Clients 

  • Your very own App for your business!
  • Easy download from the back of your car
  • Customers can request rides 
  • Secure credit card payments

📱 The Boss App To Manage Your Business

  • Set your own pricing
  • Keep track of your clients
  • Review & accept jobs

💰 Direct Deposits 

Your earnings will be deposited directly into your bank account



With dumpling Drive, you own your own private driving business. This means you are in control of your own clientele, schedule, and pricing. 


Drivers on the dumpling Drive platform make 100% of their fares and tips. That being said, as the business owner the Driver is responsible for the 3% credit card transaction fee associated with each payment. 


As the business owner you are responsible for finding your own clients. 

You are responsible for having all appropriate licenses and approvals to provide transportation to your clients. 


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